Household Wishing

#5 Benjamin Moore "Bird Nest"
It only took 5 times.
Phase II of our remodel has (sorta) begun. There are days when I want to throw a match at my house and be done. Then there are days when I adore the character (and potential) it beholds. Like my Mother always says...Patience my dear, patience. "Whateva" Mr. Patience. Go find someone else to pick on!

Walls painted. Check. Hardwood floors ordered. Check. Find painter for the ceiling. Check. (Normally I would take on the ceiling project myself but, I'd rather live to see the next Nordstrom sale. It's two stories high and on an angle. Death wish!) Drool over the coolest ceiling fans ever that I can't afford. Check. (pic below)
Stay tuned. More pics to come.
Are you bored? Today is the day to start a project. Paint a wall, sew a pillow, hang curtains.
Or...if you're like me I'd rather take a nap!
Make it a GREAT Monday!

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Sara said...

Jo Dee!!!!!! I have found a really great decorating/how to blog ever. Go to my blog and click on the link just above or below (I can't remember) yours. It's on the right hand side as you scroll down....she has only blue walls in her house...she loves Benjamin Moore paint and also has her samples (with names!) on her blog. Her and her husband are super crafty! They did the same wall treatment you did in your Bradley park home (downstairs) anyhoo....check it out and let me know what you think! She has done a few projects that I want Shawn and I to do:) One is a locker/cubby system in her entry way that I want in my laundry room. Complete with Bead Board and all! Dream on Sara.....Dream on! At least I know what I want to do, it's the execution that doesn't always take place:) Best of Luck to you and your paint colors!