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{Warning: I realize I'm about ready to offend 1/2 of the Mormon population. Please know I do it with love.:D}

The DENIM jumper...

Some may argue... Comfy, versatile, easy, low maintenance. Others... Frumpy, styleless, shapeless, boring, sister to the mom-jean.

I shall not reveal how I truly feel about the denim jumper. I will say though that my Mother owns one. She's in her 70's. Her homey's are the Sunbirds in AZ. I rest my case. I am not passing judgement. No way, not me. Mostly, I am just here to make an alternative suggestion to those who may be addicted to the denim frumper.

My pet peeve is when cute princesses (of ALL ages) get stuck. They get stuck in an era, they get stuck in a style, they get stuck in laziness, they get stuck in "comfort" land. I will say this over and over and over again.

The denim jumper pic above costs 59.00. The denim dress pic below costs 49.95. HA! Told ya! You don't have to be a millionaire to have a little style and class.

THIS denim dress (above) has personality. I would wear it. It says, "Hey, look at me. I like functionality but, I also care about what I look like." It's feminine. It's modest. It's practical. It's CUTE! It will have everyone telling you you look adorable.

Plain and simple. If a denim jumper is a staple in your wardrobe I challenge you to give it up. Give it hugs and kisses and then cut it up and make a quilt out of it. Don't sell yourself short. There's bigger and better out there for you. Run. Go find it. It's waiting for you!

Happy Friday.

P.S. I am not a denim hater. I just bought THIS the other day.

P.S.S. THESE shoes would be perfect paired with denim.


Where The Wilds Things Are said...

I love the red shoes and dress. I also like the quilt suggestion...so funny.

Julianna said...

I love those flats!!!!! I want some!!!!

The Playin' Lakins said...

I must completely agree with you on the Frumper. I know a couple of people with these . . . I'm forwarding the link to your blog. Might be a bit mean, but my friends know I'm blunt and that is why they love me. I'm doing them a favor, really. :)