It's Trendy Tuesday...Do You Dare?

How to make your own doggie tail.
Step 1: Find a Polly Pocket
Step 2: Stick it in your bum
Step3: Get on your knees are bark like a dog
Step 4: Shake your bum
Try it. Lucy "DARES" you!

E.T. phone home.
We are in a mess!
Progress, progress, progress. Finally!


JRiggles said...

Funny stuff. I love the kid/dog thing. (so I'm not the only mommy that lets my kids go shirtless/pantless or did you do this just for pic sake?) My littlest girly will ignore me half the day unless I call her "puppy" when I'm talking to her. And water all over the floor from the 'doggy dish' those are treasured moments.

Sara said...

Love the blue!

Lucy is so darn silly! She is going to be mortified when she is older and sees that....:)

Lauri said...

I love that you took a picture of her bum with a doll in it! haha that is so funny! Good to see progress is coming along, can't wait to see the final look!