Pure Beauty

Handbag Heaven. Let me take the pleasure in introducing you to some of the most gorgeous handbags on the face of the planet. My Prince and I had a V-day date in Seattle and he allowed me take a moment to pretend like we're rich and stroll through the VALENTINO handbags. When I win the lottery you better believe I'm bying one for myself. They are amazing. Heart failure causing expensive but absolutely amazing!
HOT PINK hottie

Absolutely flowery fabulousness

Black patent with a bow. Dainty darling!

This one is my fav. I really really really really really want it! Honestly, even if I could afford it I think I'd feel guilty spending that much money on a stupid bag. OR....maybe not!:D
Happy chillin' President's Day.

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lara.frandsen said...

Wow. That's all she could say, Wow!