Marvelous March

Happy March!

Let's begin with the important stuff!
And the princess who wins a little sunshine today is....
Princess Anna~Comment #1~hope you rocked on your snow board trip!

Gotta be honest...have better things to do today than blog. Like... getting my haircut (YES!) and celebrating the Welcome March fever with a mint milkshake (YUM!).


P.S. Finally (almost) finished our new family room. Pics tomorrow, I promise. AND finally hung my ginormous Cake sign (kisses Prince Charming). Can't wait to show you! It's crazy but I {heart} it!

1 comment:

Sara said...

I heart the Month of March! It's my Birthday month and I get the whole month...it's kind of a self-proclaimed thing:)
Can't wait to see your pics. tommorrow!