It's quirky, it's crazy, it's color OVERLOAD and I LOVE it. As promised, here are a few pics of my new and improved living quarters.

Anybody want any Cake?
This was previously a dining room. In our puny 1600 sq. ft. house we could no longer afford to waste space on a dining room that got used twice a year. Dedicated to kid play now.

MOO! Cow skin rug from Ikea. It's cute but smelly!

Painted fire place, painted tile (both were brown). I'm sure the mantel and wall area will go through 10 more redos until I'm satisfied. For now, this will do.

Just purchased large yellow and white striped awning fabric for curtains. I will be hiding all the toys that live under the table with a tablecloth like contraption that I haven't invented yet.
(Yes, that would be a "TV" armoire that still houses our anciet TV. You won't find a savvy flat screen here. We take pride in vintage technology.)
The gigantor frame was a mirror originally (so I was told). I turned the backing over and painted with chalk board paint.

Amazing armoire that was given to me. Needs a little (okay a lot) TLC when I'm not feeling lazy.

Just slightly obsessed with oversized home accessories.
A little peak at my WHITE ceiling in the corner of this pic. It use to be brown (natural cedar)~ick!

There you have it.
There will always be an unfinished something in this house. It's my reality. I figure we're just living by the home improvement rule~It's never complete til the day you move out. :D


Sara said...

Love it, Love it, Love it!

It's so you Jo Dee!
Good work to you and your prince:)

Where The Wilds Things Are said...

Very nice. I love all of the color. I like it when people decorate according to their own style and personality.

Jennifer said...

Sooo lovely! I really dig those giant stars :) and everything else!

JRiggles said...

Awesome awesome. Love the colors. Love the chalkboard!!

sarah said...

love it!~ and I have to say, it makes the room like twice as big with the bright colors- you want to come do my house now?? :)

Camille Staker said...

Jo Dee! It is Awesome. You are amazing!

Julianna said...

cute, cute, cute!

Jenette said...

Wow what a HUGE undertaking you just finished... Now can you come do your magic at my house ;)

Rachel Hudgins said...

JoDee...love it. You do such a great job putting your flare on things.

Becca Caney said...

Love your stylish home! It has so much cute charm! :)