Successfully defeated feeding a ginormous group of people a "heart healthy" breakfast at the butt crack of dawn on Memorial Day. With LOTS of great help that is!

Next on the agenda....
Conquering stage moms, costume malfunctions and stage fright at the dance recital I am in charge of. Wish me luck. I need it.:D

See you next week. That is AFTER I have had a chance to take a long....long nap!

In the meantime, check these beauties out:

{HERE} ~Make sure to check out all the swimwear. Killer and affordable!

{HERE}~Hey Mr.! Silly cute!

{HERE}~Ya right price but I heart them.

I'll miss you even though you won't miss me, my "woe is me" attitude and fart jokes.

Make the most of your week!

P.S. Caught a killer mullet on film this weekend. It would make you pee your pants!

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