This is exactly the number of pictures I took at my own daughters first "official" dance recital. I'm pretty sure that grants me the "you suck" title.
Note: She was in the recital I directed over weekend. I must say it's a bit challenging playing recital director, instructor of own classes and daughter in the show. I was running around like a psycho!

This is what I have on my agenda this week. Nothing! And I shall enjoy every second of it!

This is how much food we have in our house. Aside from the ranch dressing that has been in the fridge for at least a decade and rotten apple.

This is how many naps I've been able to take so far. So, peace out. I'm off to find the longest Disney movie I can find to entertain my children and then to my bed to hide.
Welcome back Monday.
This week's gonna be a GREAT one!

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