Event of the Year is here!

The event we have all been waiting for is here. Go! Run! Get yourself a KILLER deal!

Speaking of Nordstrom...

We were there last night doing some shopping for Prince Charming and out of the blue this little dress shirt plastic thingy flew out of my son's hands and hit me right in the eye. After some serious family drama in the dressing room (Both my kids were crying because I was injured. Do your kids cry over your injuries?) we decided not to call 911. Okay so it wasn't a 911 injury but...it certainly put a damper on my shopping experience. Anyway, we came home, I went to bed and assumed all would be well in the morning. Hmmm, not so much. I think the stupid thing scratch my eye. CRAP! Who has time for that? Will I need an eye patch? Am I going blind? Will Nordstrom provide me with free lunch and unlimited shoe shopping for life?

Click HERE for some serious shopping fun!

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