We interrupt this important fashion blog to inform you that after countless hours of browsing the Nords shoe section (on line and in store) Mrs. Princess Pookie has left the Anniversary sale with not a single pair of shoes~boots, wedges, heels, flats, tennies. NOTHING! Yes, you heard us correctly. Nada, ZERO, none. Is she sick? Did her vision leave her for a moment? (almost:D) Has the world come to an end? Nordstrom's stock has gone down .08% due to this unusual phenomenon. What happens now? Actually a reliabale source tells us she made up for it at the jewelry counter. Thanks for joining us. Til next time...Shop on!
P.S. Mrs. Princess Pookie has made a full recovery from her eye incident. Unfortunatley, the best Nordstrom could offer was a breath mint and complimentary perfume sample. Oh wait, they give that to everyone.;)

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