MIA~Lame Brain!

Hello? 911? I'd like to report a missing corndog.

So I made corndogs for lunch...again...and when it came time to micro zap Lucy's the stupid thing was no where to be found. MIA! What the heck?
I was baffled. After much confusion and a needed cup out of my cupboard hours later....

BAM.....look what I found.

The MIA corndog. DUMB!
Either this corndog magically grew ginormous jumping legs or I have completely lost my mind. I vote for the ginormous jumping leg story.
Are you a hot dog lover or hater?

Me? Boiled~ew! Grilled~Ah! (Must be paired with relish!)

Kelson told me today that he didn't want to see another hot dog related thing for a looonnnnggg time. Does that mean I have fed him one too many this summer?;)

P.S. Don't forget the give away (scroll down). You never know, maybe you were "MINT" to win!

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Mimi said...

That is AWESOME! I only eat corn dogs when I'm pregnant... probably not the best choice, but they totally do it for me. When I'm not expecting- no gracias!