Now that's IMPRESSIVE!

Holy Crap! Have you ever ordered anything from ZAPPOS? I ordered these shoes from them yesterday morning and they were on my door step when I woke up this morning. That's some serious shipping coordination. I'm impressed! Now if I can just get my son to wear these!:D

While browsing I really wanted to add THESE to my shopping cart as well. I refrained. Good girl!
Is it Friday yet?
P.S. That give away is still up for grabs (scroll down). I know, you're too shy to let the world know what your favorite ice cream is. :D


Jenette said...

That was a big REFRAIN! I love those shoes...Think of the fun you would have in them.

annette said...

I love Zappos! I have ordered shoes from them before and they have great customer service, superfast shipping, and I love how you can read/leave comments about the shoes you get.