It's Trendy Tuesday...Do You Dare? Home Style

Remember how I mentioned the wallpaper gig for my new powder room?


A) I am having absolutely NO luck finding something I heart.
B) What I do adore is pricey (of course!)
C) Takes forever to get to my front door. Not good for a woman with no patience.
D) I'm sure if I get my hands on it it will turn out crappy and then I would have to cry.
E) Not in the mood.

So instead...

After a random etsy.com search I have discovered the following:

Choice #1

Choice #2

Choice #3

Choice #4
HELP! Which design should I choose? The bathroom will be painted bright yellow and I think I will do the decals white. So? Which pattern should I get? Seriously people, you need to help a crazy pregnant lady out.
Want some of your own? Click HERE!


sarah said...

I like 3 or 4 (number 4 reminds me of lemons). good luck!

Pogue Fam said...

At first I was totally going with 1, but since you said bright yellow with white decals, I think 3 would look stunning. Good luck!

Camille Garner Staker said...

I vote choice number 3. It is very lovely bathroomish!

Camille Garner Staker said...

have you considered maybe doing gray decals? if not, i have no doubt you have an amazing design in mind!

Jenette said...

I like #1

JRiggles said...

I really liked #1. But I'm leaning for #4. There is something different and unique about it that I love.
By the way. I was once told never to shop for anything while pregnant because your not right in the head with desicions and styles. Just thought I would share in case you wonder why the heck you bought something while you werer pregnant :)

Rachel Hudgins said...

#4. I feel like the others have been done too much in design, maybe a little predictable. I'm sure whatever you choose will look awesome. It always does!