Today I Will...

Conquer this disaster.

Decide if these boots are "all that and a bag of chips" or take them back and just go buy a bag of chips~Salt and Vinegar please!

Get over it and quit pretending like these roses still have life in them.

Demand that Prince Charming work on this project.
He loves it when I get demanding. (love you!)


Prepare something for dinner other than waffles or cold cereal (maybe).

What WILL you do today?
It's Monday again, deal with it!
P.S. Because I'm so awesome I didn't go anywhere near creating Friday's project with my children over the weekend. I'm pretty sure they still love me though.

1 comment:

Rachel Hudgins said...

what color is that on your wall with the picture of the roses? Martha? Im in search for the perfect blue...