It's Trendy Tuesday...Do You Dare?

"Have a life less ordinary."
I found this card at a darling trendy little boutique in the Freemont district (Seattle) where I visited over the weekend.

It absolutely perfectly describes the life I try (at least sometimes try) to live.

Stuck in a life rut?

Here's a new TREND. Try something less ordinary!
Here are a few ideas to maybe make your brain go Hmmm.....??

~Stop the matchy matchy in your life. Wear orange and pink!
~ Be brave today. Get over yourself and do that thing you've wanted to try.
~Skip the dishes tonight and make a fort with your kids.
~Eat donuts and milk for dinner.
~Say NO to something you would usually say YES to (or vice versa).
~Love yourself. (Even if you're ginormously pregnant with an extra large muffin top and feel like pooh with a zit smack in the middle of your forehead. I'm just saying.)
~ Wear fancy shoes to something boring.

Happy Trendy Tuesday All!

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