Love Letter

Dear Prince Charming,

When you are out of town I tend to stay up late. Like way past my bedtime late. I feed the children naughty food for dinner. I rearrange the furniture~twice. I make a mess on the kitchen table. Wait, there's always a mess on the kitchen table so nevermind that. I just make it messier. I watch stupid TV. And sometimes I shop. Remember when I called you yesterday morning at 8:30am to ask you a random question? Well when you get home you may (or may not) find something like THIS (or not) hanging above our fireplace (or not). Just wanted to let you know because I LOVE you.

Come home soon!


P.S. I did NOT move "your" chair. Okay so maybe just a little but not to worry, you can still see the TV. Sorta.

P.S.S. Hey everyone else reading this. Think my purchase is crazy strange? (My BFF thought so too.) What can I say, living a less ordinary life! My life!

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