It's Trendy Tuesday...Do You Dare?

Do you "DARE" dress up for Halloween?
Child #3

Child #2

Child #1

Prince Charming and Princess Pookie
Chuck full of cheese-o-rama! What can we say? We LOVE Halloween around here.
What are you going to be? Shame on you if you're not a dresser upper. PARTY POOPER!
When I was in third grade my mom made me a Rainbow Brite costume. It was the coolest EVER! I had special boot covers and all. Thanks Mom! It's probably still in the dress up box in the basement.
What was your favorite costume?


annette said...
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annette said...

My mom bought an Annie costume for me one year, it was plastic with plastic ties in the back and a plastic mask and I LOVED it. Probably because it was the only store-bought costume I ever had.

There's no explanation for me. LOL

Caleb will be a werewolf this year, Aarika will be a little schoolgirl vampire. I made both of their costumes and they are just about finished. I am a vampire too (I'm a vampire every year :) and this year I bought fabric for a cloak. It's all cut out on my family room floor downstairs. It'll be finished by Halloween next year. Hahahahaha!!!

Jenette said...

I totally want to dress up for Halloween but I am having a hard time figuring what I want to be. Since, Halloween is on Sunday this year, I did make sure to buy a halloween shirt for the girls and I made them black skirts for Church. Now I just need to find something for me to wear.