9 Months & Counting

Praise the Lord Almighty for...

Dansko Clogs

Maternity clothes are stupid! End of story.

Quick cover ups. Putting on make up makes me tired.

Tum...Tum....Tum Tum....TUMS!

Husbands who are handy.
(Finishing up powder room. Two months later.)
No that baby laying on the counter is not our new born!

Big bowls of fruit.

The color black.
Anyone know a Dr. that will induce early?:D

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annette said...

I don't know a doc that will induce early. We spent a lot of time trying to keep me knocked up instead of delivering early. Can't help you there. But I have been on an accessory buying spree in the last week.

- 2 rings (a silver tiny bow, and big silver angel wings)
- 3 necklaces. My fave is a big chunky acrylic beaded thing with tiny silver chains knotted and tangled all over it and pink crystals attached at random. It makes me happy. My coworker kept trying to untangle it yesterday. LOL
- A pair of earrings to go with the tangled beaded messy necklace that I love.
- A big bejeweled cross necklace for Aarika's little girl vampire costume.
- Oh... and two pairs of Danskos that haven't arrived yet. WAAAAAH!!!! *pouting*

Buy accessories. They always fit no matter how swollen your ankles are. :)