Oh Goody Goody!

Did you deliver your baby at a hospital kind enough to send you home with a goody bag as amazing as mine?
Lucky girl!
We are doing surprisingly well here. I'll post more pics as soon as I have some decent ones. We have a professional photo shoot this week. Can't wait! It has been so dark here I can't get any good shots. I forget how a newborn consumes all!
Be back to blogging umm...who knows?:D
Happy Tuesday.
P.S. Today I am determined to get out of my house. Going a little crazy!
I want to go pick myself up a pair of THESE. Sweats...my BFF.

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Pogue Fam said...

When I delivered my first in California, they sent me home with nearly two whole HUGE bags FULL of that stuff! It was awesome, I was totally prepared. Then I delivered my second here in WA and had only enough to last me a couple of days. I'm a fan of post-hospital goody bags :) Congrats, he is adorable!