What I Can and Can't Do

I Can...
carry a child for nine months
pee every five minutes because I'm carrying a child
wear fat clothes
be uncomfortable
fight heartburn
stay active while preg
cope with psycho emotions that drop out of nowhere
deal with kankles
Give birth NATURALLY. Yep, no drugs my friends. Not by choice mind you. Hell no! My babes just like to come fast. Really fast. It hurt bad. Really really really bad. I am woman hear me roar. Whatever...I cried like a baby.

I Can't...
bowling ball boobs
maxi pads~yuck!
sore nipples (sorry was that TMI?)
come home from the hospital still looking like I'm 4 mo. preg.~ugh.
wear fat clothes
stay up all night (Last night was ugly. He cried, I cried, he cried, I cried.)
keep up with my normal schedule and a newborn
imagine my life without my precious Berkley (Even if he hurt me really really bad!:D)

I Will...

It's one thing to have to carry and give birth to a child. It's another to have to deal with all the other crap on top of caring for a newborn. God...I have a bone to pick with you!:D


Jenette said...

Amen to all of what you typed.

JRiggles said...

Awww! I miss those days. They are so much easier than the days of REALLY Stinky poop, climbing on furniture, drawing on doors with sharpie, running from you or toward you with knives, and crying histarically when you try to send them to nursery. Wanna trade?

Rebecca @ The Mummy Grapevine said...

Mine come fast too - just gas and air for me - wouldn't use anything else.

Kate said...

I detest maxi pads!! I always use Depends. They may look funny, but they're oh so much more comfortable than pads. Good luck with your recovery!

Marilyn said...

I'll I can say is..... :))