What year are we living in?

Just a little late night catalog bashing...

If you have a pair of these in your closet go get them NOW and flush them down your toilet. I'm not kidding!

This is an interesting length. Boot cut trousers at "ankle length". Don't know if I've ever seen that one.

The ribbed turtle neck. Donate it to the turtle farm! ICKY!!

No comment.
Wait, one comment. You should know better!
"Back by popular demand" ya right...maybe in Minnesota.
Heaven help us. THREE uglies to choose from.
Style 1~President of the PTA and wears Dickies with denim button downs.
Style 2~Drives a mini van and doesn't believe in sugary snacks.
Style 3~What? I like camels!

Same price as in year 1995. Bargain.

I swear my mom had the maroon coat. Back then it was FUGLY!
Warning: Don't mess with a sleep deprived pregnant lady with a Sharpie!
I have no idea why I even get this catalog let alone take time to browse it?? Mystery.
P.S. Now THESE jeans are worth browsing!


sarah said...

if only I had the back side to fit those :)

Anna said...

last week was spirit week and my friend definately wore a dickie that she found in her moms closet for tacky day...and she won our of the sophomore class for the day (i tied with her:)

Anonymous said...

I literally laughed out loud at your pics! I love you crazy lady.