Found It!

While being out and about yesterday I found my saying for 2011.
(I really wanted to buy the sign but the stupid thing was $95.)

Don't you love it too?
I'm feeling a create-my-own version project coming on!
P.S. Why has God blessed me with yet another baby who does not appreciate my out and about adventures? He is such a little twerp to take shopping. Oh Nanny....where are you?;)


Jenette said...

I couldn't agree more with the sign...And I need a nanny too--mine don't enjoy my shopping trips either. Jennie went through tree suckers and a ton of screaming, the other day just so I could get the grocery shopping done.

La Femme said...

Love the sign, AND it would be easy to replicate on a canvas...nice! We still thinking about the wedding expo!?!?!? I'll text ya later!