Real Deal

Okay. Here's the deal. Motherhood is currently kicking my butt. I cannot lie. I miss having clean shirts (I've got a puker kid), my totally impractical shoe collection (carrying a baby in heels....right) and that thing called "time". It's not fair that I am forced to choose between shaving my legs or brushing my teeth. Ew! I'm tired. I'm weary. I'm frustrated. There are days when being a Mom just sucks. (Criticize me all you want you perfect mom jean wearing, Prozac addicted Mommy's.) All I can say is praise the Lord for bedtime, the DVR and my magazine collection. Speaking of magazines, you might want to subscribe to THIS one or THIS one. They are both great little mail treats! Gotta get back to my day job. Wish me luck!;)


Jenette said...

Good Luck!

Sara said...

You are a pro at everything you do:)
Thanks for the honesty though....so refreshing!!!!