Groovy Green Spring Fever

Was doing a little SPRING cleaning and found these
happy little flower cabochon earrings begging for someone to rescue
them from the deep dark storage bin and wear them.
They are guaranteed to bring a little sunshine to your day, add pep
to your step and bring you much good luck in finding those perfect
spring sandals. On sale of course!
To Enter the give away:
Click on "Fashion Experts" below and tell us where you would like the
magic airplane to take you this weekend.
Go ahead...Enter vacation dream land for a moment and leave a comment.
Will even ship earrings to those of you who live in far away lands!
Winner will be announced Monday morn.
Enjoy your weekend.
Shop. Eat. Laugh.


annette said...

Bohol Beach Club on the south side of Panglao Island in the Philippines. Mango shake in left hand, good book in right hand. Laying in the hammock on the beach. Feet soft from sand-exfoliation. My kids frolicking in the surf. (Did I just use the word "frolicking" in a sentence? Love that... :P) And a tall cutie to wait on me hand and foot.

Jenette said...

Is it okay to say I would rather have the magic airplane send the family off to some place and I spend the weekend at home by myself?
If not, then I would go to Paris--all expenses are included right?

Anonymous said...

I would love for the magic airplane to send me to my adorable youngest sisters house where I could spend time with her, watch and play with my niece and nephews. Do some cleaning, cooking and organizing for her. Hit the nords triple point awards.That would just be sooooo special. (then I would steal those earrings, oh wait I don't need the magic airplane to get me there, too bad I would have to fly somewhere with the earrings by myself)

Joee said...

I would LOVE a magic airplane to take me back to a time when I was young and carefree! NO bills, NO cleaning, NO to do list, NO hubbie, NO kids, AND most of all NO IN-LAWS!!!

Ok, so maybe your 'magic' airplane is NOT that magic! In that case I would be off to Nanjing, China. I LOVE and miss Nanjing SO much. I miss the food every day, and my friends. It is just NOT the same to tell your kids what you would love to show them!

sarah said...

i would LOVE to have the magic airplane take my flu away. right now.

Pogue Fam said...

I want my magic airplane to take me to the Bahamas. Warm and sunny, and I would wear my green earrings and my too-small bathing suit (with a huge t-shirt to cover my 7month pregnant belly) and drink lemonade barefoot on the beach all day. With a big beach hat and sunglasses of course... stylin yet? haha. Ooh, I just might miss my flight home too :D

Shebearof3 said...

Anywhere in the WORLD where the temperature is above 70 degrees and the sun is shining. A place I can ride my bike all day along a beautiful winding road following the coast,as I listen to the waves and feel the warm breeze over my skin. Can't you just feel the warmth? With just a little trickle of sweat off your forhead making you feel alive!
OH majic airplane...take me away!!!