That NAUGHTY Leprechaun

We've been attacked by the mischievous little leprechaun!

What? Sneaking into the children's rooms and coloring on their faces....

What? Messing up the house....

What? Leaving facial hair behind?

Kiss Me I'm Irish!

Other festivities included:
gold coins, a lucky penny hunt, Lucky Charms for breakfast, arguing over who got more coins, tantrum over the placemats, grossing out over the green milk, fighting over lucky pennies.

Mr. Leprechaun can't help but wonder...is it really worth it?:D

Happy St. Patty's Day!


Jenette said...

How fun!!!!

Anonymous said...

We had quite the chaos at our house too! The penny hunt was great though. Our Leprechaun left them in sets of two so there would be no fighting. He, however, did not anticipate that one child might get upset that the other child got more of his stuff messed with! Really? They both ate their Lucky Charms with green milk even if they don't really like cereal (don't care). But in the end was so excited and told all their friends about their festivities that alas, I'm sure that dumb little green guy will once again reak havoc next year. Perhaps with an earlier stop at Party City! ;-)

annette said...

One of the leprechauns at our house made a pit stop in the loo and didn't bother to flush! Aarika: "MOOOOOM! The water is GREEN!"

Anonymous said...

Sounds like much fun. The pictures are awesome. Wish we could be up there to visit and observe the damage done by the Leprechaun. Thanks the Grand parents. V&T