I'm Not Irish

(Pretending like today is March 1)
Welcome MARCH! Let's do an Irish jig for the month of MARCH. Why do I like MARCH? Mostly because it means we're just that much closer to warmer, longer days. And because....
1. An excuse to buy something green.
2. An excuse to eat more guacamole.
3. An excuse to do something fancy with Prince Charming~our anniversary is this month.
4. An excuse to KISS me I'm Irish.
5. An excuse to drink beer. Oh wait, I don't drink beer.
6. An excuse to make corned beef and cabbage. Or not.
7. An excuse to eat LUCKY Charms for dinner.
8. An excuse to eat golden wrapped chocolate coins.
9. An excuse to find a rainbow
10. An excuse to make an excuse.
May we all find LUCK at the end of our rainbows this month.
LUCKY ME: Tax return season! Awesome!

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