Kid Dates

First prize at the pinewood derby!
(We won't discuss the $$ amount Prince Charming spent on this car.)
Last night I had a special date. A special date with a super cool guy (pic. above).
He ate KFC #2 while I ate Taco Time #7. Then we shared sour gummy worms from the vending machine. On our way home for some reason the topic of digestion came up.
Kelson Says: Mom, the other day when I wiped my bum I saw a whole piece of corn.
We laughed. In fact, we laughed really hard.
Love that date night thing.
LUCKY ME: I get to be Kelson's mom.


Mimi said...

ok... gross- and funny... but mostly gross. True boy! I love his scout outfit- how adorable! First prize- go Kelson!

We just get rejected around here ;-)

Last thing... did PC adhere an ipod to the bottom of his derby car? His entry looks suspiciously like an ipod with blue wheels.

Where are those pics of Berks? He is so flirty... you must share!

Sara said...

I miss that boy!!!! We really need t have your fam over for dinner...When it gets nice again for sure!!!!! I NEED SPRING!
Miss you!