Is It Really Monday...Again?

Oh where, oh where should this little cow rug go?
(Note the princess shoe. Someday I will miss those plastic
shoes laying around my house. Someday.)
P.S. Looking for a cowhide rug? EBAY!

Did I say high gloss yellow a few posts back?
Just kidding, semi gloss red.
(chair painting project~ugh!)

 Just what I was looking for!
(the yellow cart that is)

Rapunzel, Rapunzel...
let down your hair so I can eat it.

What? As opposed to The FAT Cow?

Happy Monday!
Make it a GREAT one!

P.S. I had a "No she didn't" moment at Nords this weekend.
As I was browsing (not buying) in the shoe section this lady had a poodle the size of a freakin horse with her. Yes, IN the shoe section at Nords. I hate dogs. Especially dogs that go shopping!


Jenette said...

I agree with the dog in the store--so wrong...

I love that yellow cart---so wanting that.

annette said...

Cute yellow cart! I have the matching chair, I use it for a bar stool. It makes me happy. :)