It's Trendy Tuesday...Do You Dare?

 Ta da! Introducing to you the MAXI skirt!

Yes? No? Maybe so?
Although a lover of the MAXI dress, I personally haven't made up my mind yet on this one.

Do you dare?

P.S. When did this happen and why wasn't I invited?


Jenette said...

I love the bottom two skirts...but I think I would have to grow a few more inches to be able to wear them---or get a new pair of heels :)

annette said...

I'm diggin' the maxi-skirts. I just bought one the other day that's cut like the upper right one but is shades of gray. Very light-weight, stretchy, comfy. I'm still working on what shirt to wear with it, luckily it's still cool enough that I'm wearing a black cardigan and black boots. Sometime around July I'll want to swap the sweater for... something lighter-weight. (July... *roll eyes*) I think the shirt you wear with the maxi-skirt is pretty important. I don't especially like the tucked-in thing on the models, except for the very last one with the scrunchy waist. Maybe it's because it kind of looks like the first 3 skirts are sitting kind of higher on the waist?

Oh... to have skinny hips.......