What the PEEP?

You're kidding me! I cannot find these little YELLOW (found purple, pink, blue~no thanks!) critters any where. What PEEP trend did I miss this year? The one where they were featured on the front cover of every spring 2011 food magazine all done up in a cute dessert? Whatever. Like anyone's gonna eat the cute peep dessert. Can someone out there please return their YELLOW peeps so that I can make my cute dessert? I even bought the flippin' magazine! And "hell to the no" if you think I'm gonna whip up a batch of hot cross buns!:)

Happy Easter Everyone!
 Dear Easter Bunny,
You can leave the Cadbury mini eggs at home this year. I've already eaten my weight in those stupid things. Curse the mini egg. However, I'm pretty sure the pink ones taste the best.
Safe Travels!
Mrs. Princess Pookie
P.S. And if you forget to fill my basket, I know where you sleep!

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