FFF (Fabulous Fashion Friday) with a little hate on the side...

First of all...

I HATE baby food. There. I said it. It's messy and gets all over. It's dumb. Really dumb. You know what's even dumber? Cool mom's who make their own baby food. Lame!
(Okay homemade baby food makers, I really don't think you're dumb! 100% respect here! Seriously.)

Okay moving on....

 This room is so fabulous.
Do you like it?

Creating away for the bridal party.
They're turning out FABULOUS.
I'm exhausted.
P.S. I met a lady today who uses her mad schooling skills to inject others with Botox.
Interesting! Very interesting! Not gonna lie, curious about filling the butt crack between my eyes. Didn't say I was gonna do it. Just curious. Don't judge. I know you're curious too!:)


JRiggles said...

I've never been one to make my own baby food...i'd rather pay for "convenience". At least until there is enough teeth in the kids mouth to just moosh my own dinner for them with a fork. That kinda how the birds do it?!?!

Jenette said...

I tried to make my own once---it was a mess and took too much time. I totally hate the beginnning stages of baby food. It is great when you can use some of that baby rice cereal flakes to make it thick enough to not drip off the spoon or dribble out of their mouth.
Love the headband.

annette said...

I made all my kids' baby food. I did it because I popped open a jar of baby food peas once and made the huge mistake of... tasting it. Holy crap! It SO didn't taste like peas! I totally complained to the company (Gerber) and they sent me free baby food coupons that I never used because... seriously? Yuck! I wasn't going to feed my kid something I wouldn't eat!

I just steamed veggies until done then tossed it all in the blender until it was smooth. I had little 4 oz tupperwares that were freezer-safe and I spent about half an hour a week getting it all ready and in the freezer. I stayed a few weeks ahead and each week I did something different so I had some variety in the freezer. I didn't use recipes or anything. How hard is "steamed sweet potatoes, puree'd"? (Hint: steam with the skin on and peel after, it's easier.) Seriously, it takes very little time.