If I Ruled the World

Today if I ruled the world I would....

Demand all babies to sleep through the night.
Have Mother's day quarterly.
Make french fries calorie free.
Turn Monday into musical day.
Send all those who gossip to the dungeon.
Put pink polka dots on the flag.
Make boogers obsolete.
Create magic gnomes to do all the laundry.
Require Nordstrom to donate a pair of shoes to those in need of retail of therapy.
Have babies delivered by storks.
Make bills non-existent.
See to it that no woman would ever have a bad hair day again.

and.... in my world we will all live happily ever after! 

What would you do if you ruled the world?

Happy Monday! Make it a GREAT day!


Jenette said...

If I ruled the world...
I would have someone else change the diapers and wash the dishes among many other things :)

JRiggles said...

What?!? Are you saying that I don't all ready rule the world? Now what do I do?

annette said...

While we are making (slightly) unreasonable requests, I want a salad elf in my fridge to keep an assortment of salad goodies fresh and ready to munch on 24/7.

Oh... And I miss my maid/nanny from overseas.....