Baseball Anyone?

Woke up to an empty milk carton.
Strike 1
Had to cut the "crust" aka skin off the apples to get my kids to eat them.
Strike 2
I hate that job!

Found this pretty little lady at my new favorite store. I call her Pearl. Isn't she hideously divine?!
HOME RUN for me...
Strike 3 according to Prince Charming.

You're out!
Got over myself and my snotty "I'm not going to decorate since this home is a temp" attitude and started decorating our 82 ft. entrance hall of fame. Okay, so it's not 82 ft. but it's a LONG wall. I'm just getting started. I  need to make room for Pearl of course! Do you like it?
If you do...
Here's my decorating advice if you are struggling to find your own decorating style:
Grab things that you would NEVER think to put together and just start hanging. You never know what you may come up with. IMPORTANT!! As you begin to hang pics place the nail hole 6 inches lower than where you think it should go. Number one decorating mistake I see~ Wall art hung way tooooo high!
Now run along and go create your own home run.
Happy Wednesday!

P.S. Stay away from matchy matchy. It brings a whole lot more life to the project!

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Anonymous said...

I spot my favorite flower and guady gold (i mean wonderful) frame picture :-) Ahhhh I miss you :-(