Ha Ha

Dear gentlemen of the house,
Enough with the fake scorpion already.
Seriously, are you asking to plan my funeral?

Mrs. Princess Pookie aka Mom

P.S. Hey everyone else. See that hot pink bottle there on the shelf? Its a beyond superiffic product if you're looking for a new hair smoother. Honestly. It's one of the best I have ever used. You can pick yours up at your local Target and/or read more about it HERE.

P.S.S. Gentlemen, while we're on the topic of funerals, I would like the funeral hall to be decorated with pink twinkle lights, feather boas and cardboard cutouts of myself looking super hot. A live band could be a nice touch too.

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Annette M said...

They aren't asking to plan your funeral. They are asking you to plan THEIRS. :)