It's FFF (Fabulous Fashion Friday)

Introducing to you...

 "THE" Genie Jumpsuit


"THE" scarf

"THE" Zebra Shoes

So I know the Nords workers get paid to tell their customers how fabulous they look but, yesterday while I was in there at least 6 people stopped me and asked me about my outfit. Shhh! Don't tell. Not a single thing I was wearing was from Nords. Scarf~ Old Navy ($12) Crazy orange jumpsuit thing~Marshall's bargain ($15). Shoes~Target clearance ($10). There you have it Nordstrom workers. It doesn't cost millions to look fabulous!:D

Happy Friday!
Think outside of your fashion shoe box and wear something FABULOUS.

P.S. Originally I was wearing the scarf with the genie jumpsuit.


Annette M said...

I have those shoes and I LUUUURVE them! They are my "I feel frumpy but I don't want to look like I feel frumpy" shoes. (I have a bronze pair too.) And yesterday I bought some lace footie socks and the lace shows around the edges, they will look so cute with my zebra ballet flats! (I bought the footie socks at.. *gasp* Payless shoes! I NEVER go in there!)

Mandy said...

"THE" scarf is a must. Get in my closet now!

I am proud to say we finally got a Nordstroms! It's about time. Check 1- got the perfume you suggested. ( Hanae Mori 1 and the original ) Yummy. Check 2 - try on the jeans and Check 3 walk the shoe department with out the kiddos.