Weekend Happenings

1. Went to a cycling class that kicked my butt. Pretty sure I almost died. Twice.
2. Laid by pool. It's September! Can't quite comprehend this AZ weather yet.
3. Actually cleaned the toilets instead of just thinking about it.
4. Looked at a big fat house we can't afford. That sucks.
5. Discovered a new "greatland" Target. I was in red bullseye heaven!
6. Enjoyed browsing THIS blog. Check it out. You'll like it.
7. Created friendship bracelets (finally) with my children.
8. Made mini pies.
9. Ate a hot dog.
10. Finished my book.

Wow...that was boring!
What did you do?

 Anyone going to see this movie?

Happy Monday!
Make it count!

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