The BEST Gift Idea Ever!

Did you BLACK FRIDAY it?
 If you did I think you're nuts. 
I have very strong opinions about the whole Black Friday thing.
Sure, I get it. Lots of bargains and deals to be had. Awesome! Shopping at midnight will all your girly friends. Fun tradition!  BUT...
how many of you bought crap that you didn't need but bought because it was on SALE?
Would you have bought it if it wasn't a deal?
That's what I thought. Take the crap back. You don't need it!
You know all those lotions, candles, socks and articles of fleece clothing
you got such a great deal on to give away as gifts?
Well let me break the news to ya, WE DON'T WANT THEM!
(My apologies to those I may have offended. Sorry. Black Friday isn't my thing. Ironic, I know.) 


 I'm gonna save you A LOT of money this year.
You can thank me later.
Go ahead. 
Buy yourself that handbag you've been adoring now for months.
Splurge on something a little extra special.
Buy yourself a Christmas dress WITH fancy shoes. 
Because the BEST GIFT EVER you can give your kids is free!
It will provide hours of entertainment and has been proven to:
Promote sibling love.
Stimulate creativity.
Increase brain power.
What is this FREE gift?

A box!
Need a break from your kids? Go get a really big box. It's the best babysitter ever!

Happy Monday!
Make it a GRRREAT one.

P.S. Hope you all ate yourselves sick over the weekend. Do you feel a little fatter? Me too!


Jenette said...

My girls love to play in boxes too...I totally need to find one. I need a babysitter :)

Annette M said...

I went Black Friday shopping. At 6pm. Does that still count? I went out because I was all cabin-feverish (not to mention just a little bit fever-feverish from a cold I had all week) and I needed AIR and to entertain myself by counting how many people I saw shopping in their pajamas. (16. Just sayin'.) I ended up with a caramel apple spiced cider from Starbucks (yummo!) in one hand and a shopping bag in the other hand containing a new pair of really-dark-wash jean dungarees that I'm going to wear to work and try to fly under the no-jeans radar. I've been looking for these jeans for a while. :D

P.S. the best part of the box as a toy is that when it gets boring or destroyed, you can toss it with no thought of how much money you spent buying it. Buh-bye!