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Matching Holiday Pajamas!
Is this Holiday tradition a little too cheese-o-rama for you? 
For some, probably. For my family...we totally DARE!
On Dec. 1 Santa swings buy and drops off Christmas pj's and advent calendars for all. 
I know the more traditional way to do this is to open them on Christmas Eve but, "Santa" likes us to enjoy our pj's all month long. They arrive in a bag like THIS on the front porch wrapped in special Santa paper.  
Want to join in on the matching pj train? You've got two more days. All aboard!
We love THESE pjs for the kids and I want THESE ones~especially so I can walk around my house looking sexy with only one button buttoned.;)

Do you DARE?
P.S. If you take on this Dec. 1 tradition you might want to explain to your children that not all families get visited by Santa before Christmas because they will go to school and tell all their friends that Santa came. Which could cause some serious confusion! Trust me. I learned the hard way.

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