Holiday Lux

Okay so remember a couple posts back I was hoping Santa would bring me these (pic above) in silver? Well just kidding. I saw them in person and they are TOTALLY fugly. Like super FUGLY barf-o-rama. BUT..never fear, I found a fabulous replacement. Black velvet Toms. How cute would these be? Sassy dressy with some casual comfort on the side. ADORBS! You should ask for these to be placed under the tree. They would look so cute on all of you. And you'll be the coolest Mom ever!

Oh, but there's more. Red glitter Toms. Now that's Fancy like Nancy. And they come in mini sizes too.

One more fun little Holiday addition. Have Santa slip this lip kit in your stocking and you'll be extra luscious!

Head ups. That give away I've been promising will be featured Friday. You're gonna like it. And if you don't then I don't like you.;) The delay has made it even bigger and better than I had originally planned. Can't wait to share!  
See you tomorrow!

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