That's A Little Odd

Oh for crap sake. 
(My dad say's that. it cracks me up.)
Let me start by sharing my yesterday.   
We woke up late.
Lucy had a SERIOUS case of bed head. Serious case. Like unbelievable case.
Lost 1/2 a gallon of apple juice on the floor. Didn't tip. Splattered! All over.
Wore my running skirt to workout that has little shorties underneath. Half way through workout realized skirt was tucked in shorties. (All I could do was laugh. Out loud.)
Put Berkie down for nap. 
Settled outside for a moment of quiet in the sun.
Lawn chair collapsed. Seriously?
20 min. later got Berkie out of bed. Apparently he thought he didn't need a nap. So much for quiet time in the sun.
Went to Costco and Lucy dumped ice cream all over her ballet suit. Note: We hadn't been to ballet yet.

Walked into Old Navy and was welcomed by this mannequin. 
I laughed. I laughed like really hard.
What's wrong with this picture?
It's probably really not all that funny, but I couldn't stop laughing.
I'm not done. 
Here's the icing on the cake. Ready?
Prince Charming came home (he's been out of town) and told me all about THIS amazing hotel where he at fancy food and played pool on a blinged out pool table. 

But,  I'm the lucky one because I get to stay home and enjoy rainbows and popsicles with the children.

Oh oh...I forgot something. The first thing out of Prince Charming's mouth when he saw me was, "Do you know you have mascara all over your face?" 
Thank goodness for tomorrows.

Now I think I'm in the mood to buy THIS

P.S. Lovin' THESE from the store with disabled mannequin.


Pam said...

Thank goodness there's always a tomorrow and hope that that tomorrow will be better!

Jenette said...

What a hectic day...I hope tomorrow is better.
I loved the tights and skirts links---very nice.