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What's this skinny hype all about?
skin-ny jeans (noun) 1. snug fit in leg that end with small opening 2. pant that makes you think you're going to look "skinny" but when you try them on you realize you are a hippo 3. may cut off circulation 4. muffin top troubles? skinny jeans are the perfect enhancement.

Is that how you feel about the skinny?

Okay, okay. Skinny jeans are nothing new on the fashion scene and you might be one who finds them hideous. But, have you ever tried a pair on? Trust me. There is a pair out there waiting for you and your booty. Perfectly paired with flats, heels or boots you'll look sexy all the way. Really. Just try.
Note: You will not find the perfect pair at Target. I know. Purchase them from a place like American Eagle and you'll like you're in junior high. Buy from XXI and your butt will break through them. Upgrade a little and you'll love them a lot.

How do I prefer the skinny?

(I don't like a lot of extra pant hanging around my ankle. That's why I prefer the crop skinny.)
I just discovered THESE in "ankle" length. I highly recommend starting with a pair of these.

Anyway...Do you DARE?

P.S. Tooth incident update: "And we wait". Went to endodontist today and he wants us to wait for TWO weeks and then x-ray again. I will learn to embrace the snaggle tooth and love it as we endure to the end of this tooth saga. I'm such a vain Mother.

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annette said...

Karen's son had a bicycle-skatepark incident a year and a half ago and knocked out both his front teeth, broken beyond repair, had to have them OUT. He lived. It's ok. It was hard on mom and kid for a while. (A LONG while...) Now he's got 2 falsies on a retainer and that'll get him through until he can have implants. Kels will look nice when they get his teeth all put back together, I'm sure. It'll be ok. There's really a lot that dentists can do. :)

In the meantime, take a picture of him and put it up next to a picture of Lloyd Christmas (aka Jim Carrey in Dumb and Dumber) and have a good chuckle. Our family motto: If you don't laugh, you cry! :)