Christmas at my House

Praise the maker of the pre-made, pre-assembled gingerbread house.

 Merry messages for all.
Peppermint twist anyone?

more days until the fat man comes. 
Are you ready?

How's the shopping going? Are you stumped?

1. Create a music cd of your favorite songs and attach an itunes gift card.
2. Cooking lessons for the chef lover. Tie the gift certificate to a fun kitchen tool.
3. Design a photo book of your favorite moments or create a DVD slide show of your kids and what they have done through out the year. If I have time I'm doing this.
4. Movie tickets tied to a box of red vines.
5. Say Cheese~ THIS is just awesome!
6. Anything personalized gets extra points. 
7. You can never go wrong with something UGG.
8. Living Social has some great stuff right now. Check it out! I got a goodie the other day.
9. Lucy is going to LUV THIS and Kels is going to LUV THIS.
10. And...last but not least. A new Lexus is always a nice gift.;)

It's Monday. Make it a great one!

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