Let me fill you in on a few secrets I may have.

 I eat frozen burritos for lunch. Often. I despise making lunch for myself. If I and my body didn't know better I'd skip lunch all together. They taste like nasty crap and I overcook them probably 90% of the time. Oh, and in case you were wondering they're like low cal, high protein, pieces cardboard that can be found in the freezer section at your local Costco. However, I don't recommend them. 

If you came to my house before noon you'd probably find me wearing some hideous fashion similar to the one pictured above. Often you'll find me eating my burrito wearing this same attire. 

I cut my hair short thinking maybe I'd actually style it. Nope. Come to find out I really hate flat ironing my hair no matter what the length is. So, pathetic messy "mini" pony it is.

 I seriously HATE this tile floor. Know what I hate more than this tile floor? Cleaning it!

 If I could get away with it I'd probably wear these red jeans everyday.


 I'm really digging lucite furniture. Is that weird? Is lucite furniture weird?
Seriously? Is it?

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