Green & Crazy In the Head

Welcome March! 
 Luck is believing you're lucky.
 ~Tennessee Williams

I'm hoping to get lucky this month. I believe! I believe!
In the hair department that is. 
Calm down already. These are NOT prenatal vitamins. 
Am I really going to take THESE horse pills? Crazy I tell ya. Crazy.
I don't believe in filling my body with stuff like this. It's against my health religion 
I'm still trying to recover from my hair tragedy. 

 I told you it was awful. Now you feel sorry for me don't you?
Anyone out there have any experience with biotin? Is it going to give me a girl stache?

1 comment:

happytobeme said...

You weren't kidding about that haircut. I was wondering if you were going to put up a picture. Yikes! You're still beautiful!