It's FFF

 Plaid and leopard? You've got to be kidding right?
Nope. Dead serious.
I discovered THESE plaid camper shirts and I LOVE THEM. You will love them too if you go try one on. Buy one! Just make sure you borrow a teenager to go into the store with you. Why? Because if your age doesn't end with a 'teen' then you're too old for this store.

I have a pair of wedges that potentially could have been the icing on the cake but, when I have to lug a 28 lb. baby around...ya right! Flip flops (or flats) trump the wedges 9 times out of 10. 
Stinkin' kids. They always turn chic into geek!;)

Happy Friday!
Shop. Eat cake. And wear something fabulous!


Anonymous said...

ohhhhhh ummmmm, not working I just can't do it don't make me.... :-) Good thing you are brave enough to pull off these "fashion" mismatched trends. I know i know me and my matchy match self will be at the bottom of the fashion world forever. But at least im not, ya know....

happytobeme said...

I haven't been able to pull out my flip flips yet. Miss my warmer weather outfits. Enjoy!

Jenette said...

I used to wear some camping shirts like that when I was younger---I loved them. I wish I could get some more, but my pregnant belly wouldn't look very good in them.

Lizzie said...

Thanks for the comment and visiting my blog :)

I actually love this crazy print combo you got going on...it looks pretty awesome!

Ahhh man, I love the rain here though. I moved to San Antonio to get away from the rain for a few years and actually started getting annoyed with the heat and constant sun haha. I guess I am just meant to live in the moist northwest.