Rollin With Me

did you know?
i'm obsessed with shoes. oh wait, you already knew that.
i argued with prince charming over a pinewood derby car last night. wish i could get that 15 min. of my life back. scouting...our household isn't really in to it.
i paid 40.99 for eye cream at target. yep.
i hate my hair right now more than i hate folding laundry. and i really hate folding laundry.
i just really don't get facebook. i actually think it's stupid.
"off to get my root canal done"
lovely for you. I don't really care.
and btw, we all know that you're really only friends with 23 of the 456 fb friends you have.
i'm teaching dance again. so far not loving it.
teaching fitness classes again. loving it.
my kids exhaust me. some days i wish they were all away and married (and filthy rich) and only visited every other holiday.
i tooted in the produce section at the grocery store. please don't tell anyone.
i'm going to NYC next week. are you jealous?
i always say that pink is my favorite color. i may have lied. it quite possibly could be red.
i hope mitt romney wins. but i don't really follow politics. in fact, i've never voted.
and lastly, i bought flowers for my friend's birthday and decided to keep them for myself. what kind of friend does that? terrible. we're not that great of friends anyway.

and that's the way i roll. today that is.


Snow said...

I totally agree with your fb comments!! So, so TRUE!! Love your post!!

Kim said...

You crack me up! Where are you teaching fitness classes at?

happytobeme said...

New York? By yourself? Yes, I'm so jealous! Looking forward to pics and stories.