It's TT

What? A classic white kitchen a trend? Never. 
Well let me tell ya something. They don't exist in AZ so I'm waiting for them to become a TREND here so that I can get myself one. I'm pretty sure I'll be waiting a looooooong time. 
The one thing we didn't want to have to do here is remodel. So far it's not looking good. Sorry Prince Charming. Brown. Brown. Tan. Beige. And more brown. That's what the folks like here. Lame!

To my Gig Harbor friends. Remember when I was going to paint my house red?

But then I moved. Darn. But not really darn because I'll trade a red house for the sun any day.

It's Trendy Tuesday. Do you DARE?

Dear Target, 
What is it going to take to get you to get THESE chairs back in stock? The 'out-of-stock' status is really starting to tick me off. Am I getting my hopes up for nothing? Do tell.

Happy re-stocking!
Mrs. Princess Pookie

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