Weekend at my House

1. cerulean-a fancy way of saying blue~who knew? It was in my wordsearch and I had to google it. 2. Some like chocolate, some like vanilla 3. "chillaxing" 4,5,6 looks like everyone got new shoes this weekend 7. minty nails 8. Dear Necklace, I missed you. Aren't you glad I found earrings to match you at Forever 21 the other day?  9. philosophy microdelivery peel~aaaaahwsome!

Anything else?
House hunted... Nothing.
Laundry... Never ending.
St. Patrick's Day... Totally forgot. Dead serious. Kids were confused why the naughty Leprechaun didn't visit. Uhhh???
Frozen Planet on Discovery channel... Educational and interesting
Kids...darling, of course. but, dang their endless messes annoy me. Sheesh.
Rain. Rain. Downpour. Rain. Hail. Rain. Sun. Weird!

Download Me: Feel So Close to You, Calvin Harris  (playing) 

It's Monday. Again. Make it a great one. 

P.S.  You have to check out THIS birthday party. It's a cutie.

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