FFF~Boy Style

To the men out there...

Ya. That's right. My man's got swagger.

With a dose of fun personality on the side.
 shoes & socks : nords rack

 Thanks to his wife that is. I hear she's a pretty cool chick!

Ok really i don't dictate what prince charming wears daily. Really I don't. However, after I told him the other day that keeps wearing the same thing over and over he challenged me to throw some fresh looks together for him. Challenge? I got this one. Easy. And there you have it. 15 min later 6 new looks with the same old clothes.

Does the man in your life need an update?
Here are some essentials to consider.
Don't mess around with any other white shirt. Buy one of these for your man now! Take note, the smartcare aka non-wrinkle shirts come in "traditional" fit and "trim" fit. Try both to find your favorite. My hubs likes trim fit. 
These socks are always at the rack for 5.99 a pair.
Add a fancy tie or bow tie and you've got one good lookin' dude you won't be embarrassed to be seen with.

Happy Friday Everyone!
Shop. Eat cake. And help your man wear something fabulous. 

P.S. If your man has hair growing out of his ears...well...you're on your own for that one!

P.S.S. Can't wait to show you what's inside this package for next weeks FFF!

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Kate Wyver said...

Ahhhh those spotty socks are amazing!