TT with Some Berkie on the Side

What is one toddler to do when his brother and sister have gone to school for the day?

 Maybe steal his brother's hat and sneak upstairs...

 to his big brother's room and play with "DO NOT TOUCH OR ELSE" toys

 discover his sister's princess village and destroy it in a single swipe

 take an awesome nap because his brother and sister aren't around to make obnoxious nap-disturbing noises

 watch the TV shows his brother and sister dislike and not have to share his snack!
What a great day. Can we do it again tomorrow? I'm game. You?

Now on to TT
(Trendy Tuesday)

I've heard of bareback riding but bare boob riding?
(what a ridiculous ad Mr. Ralph Lauren)
I may not DARE to bare my boobies but as far as that denim shirt goes
I totally DARE! Buttoned of course.

Trendy Tuesday! Do you DARE?
A denim shirt is an absolute must for your wardrobe this season.
(Do you remember when denim shirts were big in the early 90's?)
I must confess. I paid too much for mine but, I wear it all the time. It's great shirt. 
 Check it out HERE.

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Snow said...

I remember your Levi shirt back in High School. Remember how useful it was after the car accident by trolley square in SLC?? :) Fun Times!!